ok boys what’s ur ball size?

Anonymous:  would you have a threesome with zayn and perrie?

I don’t have sex with platypus

Anonymous:  Once you meet Zayn you'll be the one night stand tbh;)

:)))))))))) i hope lmao

Anonymous:  He literally noticed you

yeah he pointed the laptop towards me even but him and Andy were rolling around running and it’s all shandy. I literally should’ve just been like yo can I be on the twitcam ugh

Anonymous:  Did you take any pics with them hunty ?

no pics we’re allowed (I didn’t ask but they were telling a bunch of girls that, plus I wasn’t gonna like risk not being cool with them) the only thing I have is I was on liams twitcam cause he was in the hallway and so was I and he said there’s a man on the stairs and pointed at me but I walked away cause it was a restricted floor, this was before I saw them at the pool lol)

Anonymous:  Wtf who have you met when what

Liam Niall and Louis. I walked by Harry but the closest I’ve been to zayn is when he’s on stage but I was poolside with the first 3 and their hair stylist and her baby and liams friend Andy there was a lot of people with them but they let me use their sun tan lotion and sit in their cabana with my mom(the only ones in the cabana when I was were the stylist and the baby and a bodyguard, Liam went to the pool but came back to sit on the couch with Andy)