Anonymous:  What are your interests? :)



everyone has seen dicks they didn’t want to see

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Anonymous:  do you have a bf?


Anonymous:  And btw that was a joke, lol


Anonymous:  I'm gonna buy you something

don’t play with my emotions please

wow so the whole time i thought i had my wishlist up for xmas it wasn’t really up wow i think this means everyone should buy me something off of my wish list now

Anonymous:  Think of it like Dylan O'Brien, could you picture him with a perfect nose? Nah, cause it makes him cute as hell, just like you:)

but dylan does have a perfect nose!!!

Anonymous:  I'm being 100% completely honest, your nose is part of what makes you so attractive like I'm in love with it tbh don't listen to those loser anons :1

aw that’s the best thing i’ve ever heard thank u bae

i just went pee in the dark and i might have pissed on the seat who knows but i can’t see it so who cares

Anonymous:  post a selfie?

have this shitty front camera one!!!