Anonymous:  your theme is fucking terrible.

im feeling very attacked rn

Anonymous:  MOST of the things you buy for yourself?

yes find an 18 year old these days who buys every single thing and pays for everything on their own. Not gonna happen. And don’t come at me with som fake ass ask saying that you do cause you’re lying


Quote of the episode

(via kingzachs)

Christine: He called me Christine-city. Jenn-city, she was on season 14 and she did nothing.
Anonymous:  If you were a contestant in the BB house with Cody, and had the chance to spend a night with him doing whatever you wanted, but it meant being eliminated next, would you give up the shot at 500k?

Hell nah we can bout that after I win the 500k I ain’t gonna sacrifice that money for some dick, it would for sure be some good ass dick tho……. im reconsidering my choice